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Cagliari, the administrative capitol of Sardinia and the principal  port, is called the city of the sun. It preserves its fascination with antiquity through its palaces,  churches, monuments, and through its narrow streets and Spanish districts. Through traces of lacustrine civilisation we know that Cagliari has been inhabited since prehistory. It was also the principal  seat of external domination,  and indeed it preserves evidence of every age and culture. 

Within the urban fabric there are Punic necropolises (Tuvixeddu) roman ruins (the roman amphitheatre, Tigellio's Villa, the Viper's Cave), Pisan walls and towers (the Elephant Tower and the Tower of Saint Pancrazio), Aragonese and Spanish bastions, Piedmontese fortresses in the ancient quarter of the "Castello", interesting churches, such as the early christian Saint Saturnino, the Roman-Pisan Cathedral, the baroque Church of Saint Michele, and the Church of St. Domenico with its stately cloister. The ancient historical centre is fascinating, both for its architecture (XVII century palaces, attractive wrought iron balconies and examples of the Liberty style such as the excellent Civic Palace), and for its lively commercial bustle characterized by old craft shops and small antique dealers.

The seat of the university since 1648 Cagliari is also a busy cultural centre (The Municipal Art-Gallery, The Picture-Gallery). Of primary interest is the Archaeological Museum, which houses both Roman and Punic treasures as well as a complete collection from the nuragic civilisation . Also of interest is St. Remy Bastion at the foot of which is the historical "Antico Caffè dal 1855"; St. Croce Church; the Bonaria Sanctuary and Basilica and the crypts of St. Lucifero and St. Restituta. A few minutes from the city lies the wonderful beach of Poetto, a full-service bathing resort.  Nearby are St. Gilla and Molentargius marshes and Monte Arcosu Reserve. The beaches of Chia and Villasimius, offer extraordinary naturalistic and ornithological in the many night clubs and in the charming  outdoor bars on the beach.experiences, as well as the opportunity to visit many important Nuragic and Roman-Punic archaeological sites. 
Cagliari offers a  full calendar of events, concerts, art shows and sports activities. Almost all the restaurants and inns offer the delicious combination of both Sardinian and Mediterranean cusine; after dinner one can spend a delightful evening out.
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