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Sardinia is a veritable micro-continent waiting to bewitch the tourist with its diverse flora, fauna, language and culture. The region's abundance of traditional art and culture includes ethnic music, poetry, literature, unique handicrafts and outstanding ethnographic collections housed in museums, libraries, art galleries and archaeological monuments. Its charming churches are rich with memories of ages gone by.

Sardinia is a heterogeneous land; from its landscape to its housing and from its various traditional costumes, delicate filigree jewelry and magical amulets to its regional dialects and indigenous music.

There is an ancient island saying that in Sardinia one cries two times: the first time, when a visitor is "tossed" in this strange land feeling he will never become acclimatized and where at first sight, everything looks hostile; the second time, when he must leave he discovers that the island, with its people, its landscape and its traditions, has captured his heart so much so that it has become his own country.

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