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First Sunday of the month
In Cabras (Or): the Barefoot race. Hundreds young people, barefooted and dressed in white take the statue of  St. Salvatore through the village where a religious ceremony takes place.
In Bortigali (Nu): St. Maria de Sauccuís Day. To the pronounced rhythm of tambourines, two processions of horsemen take the Madonna simulacrum to the country sanctuary. After nine day of dancing and feasting they return to the village where the festival continues.
In Cagliari: Fish Festival where the fishing villages distribute free fish cooked in Cagliariís typical way.  There a sports fishing show and museum exhibitions.
Mid of the month
In Selargius (Ca): "Selargino Wedding" An antique ritual brought to light for hundreds of tourists. There are many things to see in this festival: the wedding costumes, the bridal procession, the musicians, women and girls dressed in typical costume handing out sweets,  and the newlyweds in chains.
Last Sunday of the month
In Decimomannu (Ca): St.Grecaís Day. One of the best attended of all the town festivals. 
Oristanese September: The National Horse Exhibition.
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