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In Santulussurgiu (Or): Festival of Horses. The most important horse fair on the island; it takes place in the lovely St.Lorenzo village, close to a roman church of the same name.
In Bonarcado (Or), Burcei (Ca) and Villacidro (Ca): Cherry festival.
The Monday following the first Sunday
In Fonni (Nu): Festival of the Madonna of Martiri with a costume procession, singing and dancing.
In St.Teresa di Gallura (Ss): St. Antonio village festival, with dances and free meat and tripe for everybody. Festival usually takes place in the little church of  N. S. Buoncammino, and is often delayed to the following Sunday.
In Bono (Ss), Domusnova (Ca), Oliena (Nu) and other villages: The bonfire of St. Giovanni Battista.
In Carloforte (Ca): St. Pietro village festival. Regatta, swimming competition and folklore show.
Mid of the month
In Tortoĺ-Arbatax: National Motorally of 7 seasCalled "Motovacanza Sardegna" it is organized from Motoclub Sardinia (tel. ++39 0782 623457 - fax ++39 0782 624116)
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