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25 February - 7 March
Carnival in Cagliari: Sa Ratantina. A parade through the city with allegoric floats and masked
Carnival in Oristano: Sa Sartiglia. A world renown equestrian joust and costume procession. The main character of the day is "Su Compoidori" a skilled horseman and demi-god wearing a mysterious white mask. He tries to spear a hanging star while galloping through the street at top speed.
Carnival in Mamoiada (Nu): Featured in this parade are "Mamuthones" and " Issoccadores", barbaric creatures with demonic, black wooden masks, who are dressed in dark ram fur. In jest, they scare people along the village streets by their rhythmic, eerie dance which causes the goat bells worn on their backs to shake.
Carnival in Tempio (Ss): A parade of allegoric floats and masked townspeople, followed by dances, songs and  typical fried sweets called "zippulas".
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