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First Sunday of the month
In Bosa: St. Maria of the sea Day. A boat procession accompanies the simulacrum of the Madonna of Bosa to the cathedral. The ceremony ends at the mouth of  the Temo river.
In Sassari: "I Candelieri". For Ascension Day, nine huge, richly decorated candlesticks, are brought by hand, one for every guild, ending at the Church of St. Maria ; accompanied by pipes and tambourines, where late at night the holy ritual takes place.
In Portoscuso (Ca): Sea Festival near the little port of "su scaru". A musical and folklore show, a sports competition and free grilled fish distributed to everyone.
Second to the last Sunday of the month
In Tortoli' (Nu): St. Lussorio festival. On Friday the yoke of the ox is contended, to determine who will pull the saint during Saturday and Sundays procession to the country church for "s'imbidu" ceremony. Sunday evening  they return to the village where the popular festival continues.
In Nuoro: Redemption Day. Long religious procession which climbs to the peak of Mt. Ortobene, where a mass is held under the imposing bronze statue of the Saint; in the evening, in the main piazza of Nuoro a folklore festival is held, a sort of Olympiad of  Sardinian dances and songs.
In Bono (Ss): The Pumpkin Festival in honour of St. Raimondo. Dances, songs and a horse race are held to commemorate a Sardinian victory over Savoy.
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