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Have you ever asked yourself why the thought of an island calls upon your senses? It may be that the thought of spending some time surrounded by a vast area of sea gives one a sense of freedom and detachment.
For how large an island may seem, it will always be perceived as a microcosm; a world to itself in which everyone feels at ease. Sardinia presents itself as a unique opportunity in which to discover and enjoy it’s complete splendor, it is after all the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean, if not throughout the world.
Many are the events, which through time are more alive than ever; traditional festivals and parades, colourful surroundings and people and thousands of memories and fragments of antiquity.
Traditional rituals flourish from religion, history, hidden and magical places which make today the kind and friendly people of Sardinia. Sardinia also holds a variety of theatrical events, from lyrical stages to the most important ballets interpretated by etoiles of international fame. Classical music is also very well appreciated in the region and so are summer jazz festivals and concerts, which fill the cities with a wide variety of music for all people. International sport events, art exhibitions, characteristic flea markets and Sardinian cuisine in addition to fashion shows, beauty contests with all its tradition, make Sardinia the rich and enjoyable place we find today and will not forget.

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